Real-time CPU temperature reading using OpenHardwareMonitorLib

Real-time CPU temperature reading using OpenHardwareMonitorLib

From the OpenHardwareMonitor.Org website, Open Source Code (C #) is used to read the temperature and voltage levels on the motherboard according to ChipSet.

Real-time CPU temperature reading using OpenHardwareMonitorLib is created using visual Basic .NET language.

First, find the number of CPUs that are available on the PC. Then, count how many cores are in the motherboard. Finally, display all the results in the ListView Control.

Then will create a dynamic progress bar (@Run Time) based on the number of CPU cores. Display the temperature in real-time The process of refreshing the temperature is at BackgroundWorker The timing is determined by Timer1 Control.

This project began when I intended to develop a tiny tool that used the free source OpenHardwareMonitorLib.dll to display the CPU temperature in a corner of the desktop (). Here’s the link to the website.

This library contains a wealth of hardware data, including numerous system temperatures that may be accessed via a Windows Management Interface (WMI).

However, I found the limited documentation confusing and had better luck directly using OHM’s public class enumerations, with the key being to call the Update methods for items and subitems correctly before attempting to enumerate them.

This timing is automatically turned on / off with a Boolean variable.

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