Inventory System with Point of Sale using VB.Net with MySQL database


The Inventory System with Point of Sale is intended for small-medium enterprise businesses to have an automated system to cater and manage the in and out of stocks of their company.  The POS and Inventory System was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and the database application used was XAMPP(MySQL).


The system consists of two categories, the POS or Point-of-Sale and the Inventory.

POS Features:

  1. Retrieve the details of the product.
  2. Calculate the price and quantity of the product.
  3. Gets the payment of the customer through checks, charges, and cash.

Inventory Features:

  1. Can add, update and delete stocks.
  2. Has the main tab page where the admin can see the currently registered stocks.

Login Details:

Username: ADMIN

Password: PASS

Database Name:


RAR Extraction Password:

Password: luffypirates

For questions or any other concerns, you can contact me through the following:

E-Mail: [email protected]


Contact No.: +639263339008

To download the source code, click here.

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