How to Load Data from MySQL to ComboBox


How to Load Data from MySQL to ComboBox

This tutorial will teach you how to Load MySQL Data Combobox Using VB.Net object in your form. Loading data to Textfield is different in loading data to ComboBox. The process is the same but the code is different. Please follow all the steps to complete this tutorial.

Before we proceed, Let’s watch first how to Load MySQL Data Using VB.NET to Combobox.



Loading data from MySQL to ComboBox Steps

  1. Add a “ComboBox” item from your toolbox. It should look like the image below.

2. DoubleClick your form to generate a “form load event”. If already generated, you can access directly the load event code statement. It should look like the codes below.


3. Insert the following codes below for loading data from MySQL to your ComboBox.


TableName – The table you want to load from MySQL

ComboBox1 – The name of your ComboBox

Address – Column name you want to load in ComboBox

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