Hotel ERP System Version 3.3 in

Hotel ERP System Version 3.3 in

This Hotel ERP System Version 3.3 in as front end and SQL Server 2008 r2 as Back-end.

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Changes Log :
1. Email Module added (Support Multiple Servers)
2. Multi Rates for Room
3. Hotel Plan Master
4. Automatically email attachments(Invoices) to Guest in PDF format after Checkout, Reservations, Laundry and Room Services etc.


Main Features are:

  • Master Entries :
    1. Hotel Master
    2. Hotel Plan Master
    3. Currency Master
    4. ID Type
    5. Guest
    6. Room Type
    7. Room Master
    8. Extra Bed
    9. Extra Person
    10. Banquet Hall Master
    11. Garden Master
    12. Food Category
    13. Table Master
    14. Food Master
    15. Liquor Category
    16. Liquor Quantity
    17. Liquor Master
    18. Liquor Pricing
    19. Laundry Master
    20. Expense Type
    21. Expense Master
    22. Tax Master
  • Point of Sale (POS):
    1. Restaurant Billing
    2. Restaurant Billing (KOT)
  • Accounting :
    1. Room Services
    2. Check IN
    3. Check out
    4. Room Reservations
    5. Banquet Hall Reservations
    6. Wedding Garden Reservations
    7. Guest Account Ledger
    8. Laundry Billing
    9. Stock Entry
    10. Purchase Inventory
    11. Transactions
    12. Vouchers
    13. Bank Master
    14. Branch Master
    15. Bank Account Registration
    16. Employee Account Registration
  • Payroll and Human Resource :
    1. Employee Registration
    2. Attendance
    3. Payroll Advance
    4. Payroll
  • SMS and Internal Chat :
    1. Chat Server
    2. Chat Client
    3. SMS Setting (Support Multiple HTTP APIs)
  • Utilities :
    1. User Rights Management
    2. Users Registration
    3. User Contacts
    4. Change Password
    5. Logs
    6. SQL Server Setting
    7. Email Setting
    8. Database backup and restore
  • Records :
    1. Employees
    2. Employee Attendance 1
    3. Employee Attendance 2
    4. Employee Payment 1
    5. Employee Payment 2
    6. Payroll Advance
    7. Current Advance
    8. Guest Account Ledger
    9. Guest Current Balance
    10. Deduction
    11. Check IN and Check OUT
    12. Room Reservations
    13. Guest
    14. Room Orders
    15. Purchased Inventory
    16. Other Transactions
    17. Liquor Stock
    18. Hall and Garden Reservations
    19. Restaurant Billing
    20. Most Ordered Food
    21. Laundry Billing
  • Reports :
    1. Rooms
    2. Food Menu Items
    3. Liquor Menu Items
    4. Liquor Stock IN
    5. Liquor Stock OUT
    6. Guest Profile and account ledger
    7. Current Advance
    8. Guest Account Ledger
    9. Check IN
    10. Check OUT
    11. Check IN with ID
    12. Check OUT with ID
    13. Debtor List
    14. Restaurant Billing
    15. Room Orders
    16. Garden Reservations
    17. Hall reservations
    18. Room Reservations
    19. Salary Slips
    20. Payroll Advance
    21. Current Payroll Advance
    22. Deduction
    23. Employee Payment
    24. Room Bill
    25. Hall Reservation Invoice
    26. Garden Reservation Invoice
    27. Restaurant Bill
    28. Food Order Bill
    29. Salary Slip
    30. Laundry Billing
    31. Laundry Bill
    32. Restaurant Billing KOT

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