Basketball Scoreboard System in with Source Code

Basketball Scoreboard System in with Source Code

This Basketball Scoreboard System Project in is created using Visual Basic 2008.

What is Visual Basic’s purpose?

The third-generation programming language was created to aid developers in the creation of Windows applications. It has a programming environment that allows programmers to write code in.exe or executable files. They can also utilize it to create in-house front-end solutions for interacting with huge databases. Because the language allows for continuing changes, you can keep coding and revising your work as needed.

However, there are some limits to the Microsoft Visual Basic download. If you want to make applications that take a long time to process, this software isn’t for you. That implies you won’t be able to use VB to create games or large apps because the system’s graphic interface requires a lot of memory and space. Furthermore, the language is limited to Microsoft and does not support other operating systems.

What are the most important characteristics of Visual Basic?

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Download, unlike other programming languages, allows for speedier app creation. It has string processing capabilities and is compatible with C++, MFC, and F#. Multi-targeting and the Windows Presentation Framework are also supported by the system, allowing developers to create a variety of Windows apps, desktop tools, metro-style programs, and hardware drivers

Description of Basketball Scoreboard System in with Source Code

So I made this scoring system so that I could help the officials to countdown the time, to monitor the fouls, also the shoot clock and the score. I added two forms one for the user to manipulate the system and one is for the display purposes this one is for the audience. The form for the user is compose of 13 labels, 17 buttons, 1 textbox, and two timer. The second form composes of 8 labels only just for display purposes.

The first form is the place where the user manipulates the scoring system. All the processes and all the commands is all comes here. If the form is executed the first will come out. First the user will put the text box the minutes the game will be played. Second the user will hit the button for start, then the timer for the game and the timer for the shoot clock will start also the other form will come out so that the audience will see the time and score of each teams.

If the user wants to stop the time of the game I added a button so that it could pause the time. Also I added button for the adding of fouls in each teams. Each teams has particular button for fouls. And if fouls is 5 a message will come out that indicates for the free throw penalty. In scoring I added 6 buttons for each team three buttons is for adding the score and the other three buttons is for subtracting the score in case of referee decision or wrong input. The other team has the same buttons.

Features Basketball Scoreboard System in with Source Code

1. The user cannot start the game if he/she don’t put the time required for the quarter                                                                           game.

2. Also in the scoring if the scores is lesser than the minus button. The buttons were disabled so that it could not have negative output.

3. Automatic Calculations on scores.

4. Easy to maneuver the process.


5. The fouls represented by the balls that if the ball /’s was highlighted the player was committed a foul.

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