Aguilos Enterprises Network-Based Sales and Inventory System


Inventory System

This system is Aguilos Enterprises Network-Based Sales and Inventory System.

Aguilos Enterprises Sales and Inventory System is a software-based that helps manage all the products and ensure that every transactions are well completed. This system is very efficient that speeds up transaction between employees and shoppers accurately. This optimize efficiency in controling and recording each factor in the exchange. This is also a network-based system that has an admin and client side.


Aguilos Enterprises Sales and Inventory System is made by Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL database.


These are the following features of the system:


Admin Side:

Inventory System

  • Product (Register New Product, Update Product Details)

  • Sales Inventory

  • Product Inventory

  • Installment Inventory

  • Manage User (add, Update, List)

  • Login and Logout





Client Side:

Inventory System

  • Suplier

  • Stockin

  • Customer

  • Sales

  • Installment

  • Monthy Payments

  • Login and Logout








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