Selecting MySQL Database from the Command Prompt

There be a situation when there are different databases present and you have to select one of them to work on. So after MySql connection you can do the following things:

Selecting MySQL Database from Command Prompt:

This is very simple to select a particular database from mysql> prompt. You can use SQL command use to select a particular database.

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Here is an example to select database called  “DATABASE TUTORIALS”:

[root@host]# mysql -u root -p

Enter password:******


Database changed


As you select “DATABASE TUTORIALS” database and all the subsequent operations will be performed on DATABASE TUTORIALS.


PHP Script:

PHP provides function mysql_select_db to select a database. It returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


bool mysql_select_db( db_name, connection );


Command Detail
db_name MySQL Database name is to be selected by the user
connection Optional – then last opened connection by mysql_connect will be used.


How to select a database.



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