Sari Sari Store System

My Sari sari store system free source code is a store requires little investment since the product are cheap and only a few modifications on one side of a house are needed to convert it to a sari-sari store . A basic food item like sugar, coffee, rice, noodles, cooking condiments and other necessities like soap or shampoo is most conveniently purchased from the nearby sari-sari store at economically sized quantities which are affordable to common citizens .Some men would spend some time drinking while women discuss the latest local news. Youth also use the rest here in the afternoon after playing and buy soft drink and snacks .My mine sari-sari store are not only a one stop shop providing locals with everything from daily food This stores are a big part of the Filipino community and are often attached to the front of their homes.

The main purpose of this system is to provide a convenient and easier to the seller and buyer to transact.


  • Manage purchased product
  • Manage stocks product
  • Manage earn profit

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