Restore Backed Up Data in PHP

Good day everyone! nowadays I am gonna teach you on restoring a Restore Backed Up Data in PHP.

Last time, I’ve produced a writing that is for the backing of information from info tho’ PHP (can’t create a link as a result of the article isn’t printed yet). And if there’s a backup, so, generally there’s a desire for restoring it.

And now, we have a tendency to are on the point of restore that protected information. therefore let’s begin.

In restoring backup information, all you would like is to run solely the LOAD information FILE query. The codes are as follows:

include 'conn.php'; 
$table_name = "files"; 
$backup_file = 'db_backup/files.sql';
$restore_data = $conn->query("LOAD DATA INFILE '$backup_file' INTO TABLE $table_name");
if (!restore_data) {
 	die("Could not restore data: " . $conn->error); 
} else { 
	echo 'Data successfully restored!'; 


As simple as that. The codes are very easy to memorize and understand.

That’s all.

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