Quick Search with jQuery, PHP and MySQL Database

quickSearchIn this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a quick search with jQuery, PHP and MySQL Database. With this, you can find easilly the record that you’re going to search in the input box. This is useful and high performace jQuery methods for instant search in the large set of data from the table. It also turns all input box into quick and easy searching of data.

Let’s begin:

  • Create a database in the MySQL and name it “quicksearchdb“.
  • Create a table in the database that you have created.

  • Insert the following data in the table.

  • Create a landing page and name it “index.php“.
  • Create a configuration between MySQL database and PHP script.

  • Do these following codes for creating an in input box, table and retrieve all data in the database to the HTML element<table>.

  • Finally, set the following jQuery plugins and create a script for searching all data in the table.

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