Pagination Using Ajax, jQuery, PHP and MySQL Database

pagignWithajaxIn this tutorial, I will teach you how to create pagination using jQuery , Ajax ,PHP and MySQL database.  It’s quite the same in my last tutorial the only thing is, I added Ajax and I also make some changes in the code.  Ajax is a method that can communicate to a server for exchanging data and updating parts of a web page – without refreshing the entire page.


Let’s begin:


1.Create a MySQL database and name it “peopledb“.

2.Do this following query for creating a table in the MySQL database.

3.Create a file for a configuration between MySQL database and PHP script. Name it “config.php”.

4.Create a css file for the layout of your design. Name it “style.css”.

5.Set these codes for the design in the first load of the page. Name it “index.php”.

6.Create a script for the method of pagination. Name it “paging.js”.

7.Do the following code for the method in loading the data. Name it “loaddata.php

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