Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP


Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP

This Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP has an online ordering system that is created using PHP and MySQL Database it built for GC Appliance Centrum Corp.

The company aims to ease and allow customers to view their appliances via their website.

Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items. 

This system is flexible and convenient wherein, customers feel free to browse the menu, select their desired item and can place the order anytime and anywhere with just a ‘click’ from their laptop/computer with an internet connection.

Watch the video here to see the full running Inventory management System Source Code in PHP.

Inventory Management System Project In PHP With Source Code 2020 | Inventory System In PHP Download video

This system also has to track features that track the customers’ orders and payments can be through PayPal.

Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage
Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage

Online Ordering System

These are the following features of the system:

Inventory System Source Code in PHP Admin Dashboard
Inventory System Source Code in PHP Admin Dashboard

Features of Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP

Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP features for Admin Side

  • Dashboard

    For the admin dashboard, you will be able to all the basic access in the whole system. Such as summary of products, orders, and the likes.

  • Manage Products

    The admin has access to the product management information system. He can add, update and delete the product.

  • Manage Orders

    As the main functions of the admin, the admin can accept or reject the order from the customers on a case to case basis.

  • Manage Categories

    For the categories, the admin has the features of managing the category. The example category used in this system is Television, Air Condition, and the likes.

  • Settings

    One of the main functions of admin is that the admin can access settings in the frontend or backend side of the system.

  • Manage Users

    The admin can manage the user’s account. Admin can add, update and Block Users in the system.

  • Reports

    The admin can generate reports automatically such as sales reports, the status of products, Order status, and Inventory.

  • Login and Logout

    By default one of the security features of this system is the secure login and logout system. The login and logout system of this inventory management system source code in PHP uses a session. It means that the user can only log in at once on the same browser.

For Frontend Features of this Inventory system in PHP

Basically, the frontend side of the system refers to the main website of the whole system.

The frontend of this Inventory management System Source code in PHP has these basic features of the website.

Home Page – On the home page, you can see directly the list of products for sale and you can filter the result based according to category.

Contact Us – On the contact us, the frontend user can submit an inquiry to the admin of the system

Viewing Products – by default on the frontend, the customer can automatically view all the products.

Place Order – The customer can Place order in the frontend that can confirmed by the admin in the backend.

Customers Profile – In the frontend, the customer can register and update their profile. In short, this system has a customer management system feature.

Add to wishlist – One of the newest features of this system is that, it has added to wishlist wherein the customer can temporarily add their order in the add to cart.

Paypal Payments – This Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP has a payment method that uses Paypal Payments.

Tracking Order – This PHP Projects has the ability to track the order of the customer.

Login and Logout


This Inventory System Source Code in PHP is made for a student thesis during their final year project. Since this is a student project, it means you cannot really expect 100% functionality from this.

Run Quick Virus Scan for secure Download

Run Quick Scan for secure Download

Note: You can download the full source code here modify it to fit your client requirements.

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