HTML5 Form Input Type II – Beginners Guide for Web Developers – 010

HTML5 Form Input Type II – Beginners Guide for Web Developers – 010

HTML5 Form Input Type II – Beginners Guide for Web Developers.

This tutorial is connected from the previous HTML5 tutorial, the “HTML5 Form Input Type Part I“.

This is the continuation tutorial for HTML5 Form Input Type.

We are going to create a new form input type list. This is also a input type text but it allows your text box to suggest depending on the options you put and the first letter typed by your user. Follow this line of code and insert it at the bottom of our recent input type.

<input type=”text” name=”” list=”input-list”/>
<datalist id=”input-list”>
<option value=”itsourcecode1″ label=”itsourcecode1″></option>
<option value=”itsourcecode2″ label=”itsourcecode2″></option>
<option value=”itsourcecode3″ label=”itsourcecode3″></option>

This will be the expected output if you have put the code on our HTML5 document.

HTML5 Form Input Type II

As you can see, the added options from our datalist are being showed when you click the right side down icon. Your datalist should match the input type list attribute for it to get the ID’s datalist.

Also, we have the e-mail, URL, telephone and search input types. When you add it to your HTML5 content it will look like just a normal text field. However, smartphones or browsers will automatically validate it and will consider your text field that your text field validates e-mail, url, telephone or search.

It is very essential and helpful to let your browser distinguish that your input text field is dedicated to a certain type. These are their line of codes:

<input type=”email” name=””/>
<input type=”url” name=””/>
<input type=”tel” name=”” />
<input type=”search” name=”” />

On our next tutorial, we will be discussing about HTML5 New Form Attributes. Stay tuned webbies!

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