How to Retrieve Data from Session Array Variable in PHP

session array variable in php can store more items or data in a single variable but these are not available in different pages for use. Any ordinary ( or normal ) array will loose its data as page execution ends. We have to transfer the array each time the visitor moves away from one page to other. In some applications we need to retain the data as long as the visitor is active at site. Shopping cart is the best example for this. Visitor moves between different pages and adds items to the shopping cart. We have to carry the shopping cart to all the pages along with the visitor. Visitor can add or remove items from the cart from any page.

session array variable
In this tutorial session array variable in php, I will teach you how to retrieve data from a session array variable in php. Retrieving data from session array is just very easy to do. With the use of Foreach Loop, every data that you have stored in a session variable will appear in order.

Let’s begin :

First, start a session for reading the session handler.
Second,declare a session array variable and store any value in it.
//It represents the employee basic information.
$_SESSION[’employee’] = array(“Firstname”=>”Janobe”, “Lastname”=>”Palacios”, “Address”=>”Kabankalan”, “Email”=>”[email protected]”);

Third, fetch the data from a session array variable using foreach loop.


foreach ($_SESSION[’employee’] as $key => $value) {
# code…
echo $key .’ :’.$value .’


Output :

Firstname :Janobe
Lastname :Palacios
Address :Kabankalan
Email :[email protected]

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