VAT Sales Receipt Calculator in Java

This tutorial entitled “ VAT Sales Receipt Calculator Using Java ” will teach you how your 12% VAT is calculated based on your total amount purchased. Please follow all the steps to complete this tutorial.

Value Added Tax known as VAT is very important to us, especially to our fellow Filipinos. 12% VAT is automatically deducted from our consumables and other products. Usually, it is stated in our receipt if we purchase an item from any department store or retail store.

VAT Sales Receipt Calculator Steps

  1. Add/Insert a new JFrame Form.

2. Design your JFrame Form just look like the image below

3. Double-click your calculate button and insert the codes below.

[java]//calculate 12% vat
double vat12 = ((Double.parseDouble(jTextField1.getText()) / 1.12) * .12);
//calculate vatable sales
double vatsales = (Double.parseDouble(jTextField1.getText()) – vat12);

4. Run your program and the output should look like the image below.

VAT Sales Receipt Calculator Using Java Output

Project Information

Project Name: VAT Sales Receipt Calculator
Language/s Used: JAVA
Database: None
Type: Desktop Application
Updates: 0
VAT Sales Receipt Calculator In Java– Project Information


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