Simple Restaurant Management System using Java

Simple Restaurant Management System using Java With Source Code

 The Simple Restaurant Management System using Java is intended for the use of people that has a mini restaurant. This Simple Restaurant Management System will allow the user to record items that are being purchased by the customer.

Also, this system is capable of viewing the item that is already sold.

This system can be downloaded for free at the link below. You can also use this as a simple project in your school project.

The Simple Restaurant Management System Project In Java has several features that are suited especially in the restaurant store.

The System Java Project was developed using Java programming language in Netbeans IDE, and the database application used was XAMPP(MySQL).

The main features of the system available to the user are the following:

Food – Automatic Computation when a user keys in of order based on quantity.

Customer – Automatic Computation of customers bills

Customer – Automatic Computation of customer change

Customer – Capable of printing the orders of customers

Food – allow the user to search a food based on what category


The following are the software that you’ll need in order for this program to run:
1. Java Development Kit Software

You can download the JDK from this website link

and the xampp software can be found at this link

The following Java project contains the Java code java examples used for Simple Restaurant Management System using Java.

Restaurant Management System In Java: Project Information

Project Name: Simple Restaurant Management System
Language/s Used: JAVA
Database: MySQL
Type: Desktop Application
Updates: 0
Simple Restaurant Management System In Java– Project Information

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To download the source code, click here.

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