How To Install iReport Plugin In Netbeans IDE


The tutorial is all about How To Install iReport Plugin In Netbeans IDE.
This tutorial will teach you on how to install iReport plugin in Netbeans IDE. iReport report is the common report plugins used in Java programing within Netbeans IDE today. Most of the program especially in Desktop application must be equipped with a report functions so that the data processed by the system will be generated as hard copy.

There are many versions of Jasper Report but in this tutorial, we use 4.7 versions and it is tested in Netbeans 8.0.2. There are four files of iReport 4.7.1, the iReport designer, components, extensions, and server pluglins.

To design your report you need to use the iReport designer and if you want to compile it, a “.jrxml” file will duplicate with the extension file “.jasper”. The “.jasper” file is use to display your report and the “.jrxml” file is use to edit your report using the iReport designer.

How to install iReport plugin in your Netbeans IDE Steps

Download the iReport plugins in the Internet using any search engine just like google.

Extract your new downloaded file to prepare it in installation.

In your Netbeans IDE menu, click “Tools” and select “Plugins” to display the plugins window.

In the plugins window, select the “Downloaded” tab and click “Add Plugins”.

Browse your new extracted plugins and select all files then click “open”.

Ensure that all plugins are tick to check then click “install”. Please follow all the screen instructions to complete the installation.

Restart your Netbeans IDE and the “Report Datasource” is added in the Netbeans Tools options.

Remember that this is only a processed in installing the iReport plugins into your Netbeans IDE. Please follow my latest tutorials regarding on creating and displaying reports using the iReport plugin. If you have questions and suggestions regarding this tutorial, feel free to contact us.

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