Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2


Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2

Within this chapter of Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2 or Chapter 2 Thesis Enrollment System, the researchers present the related literature’s and systems to the proposed system, with this, the researchers will understand the past studies for them to develop a more efficient and effective system to the institution and their background of the study of Computerized Enrollment System Thesis Project Chapter 2.

Here’s the Outline of Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2

Enrollment System Chapter 2

  1. Background of the Study


  2. Related System


Chapter II

Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2 : Background of the Study

Ilog is said to be the oldest town in Negros and once the capital of the province. This leads up to believe that Ilog must be the first place in Negros to have a Catholic School. As the poet expressed it – the old order changed yielding place to now many times since these days nearly four hundred years ago but Ilog still has a Catholic School.

This is the town’s third Catholic School. The latter was under the supervision of the pre- revolution Spanish and Filipino priest and ended with arrival of the Americans. The second was opened about twenty years later by the great Mill Hill father who did so much hard work both in Negros and Panay. Rev. Father Mathias Bonin was the great educator in Ilog in these days. He had a boarding school for Bonin Negros sent their sons in his School. It was maliciously burned and two hundred boys were sent home.(Computerized Enrollment System Thesis Project Chapter 2)

Ilog Catholic High School is still using the manual process of enrollment and they notice that the use of manual process of enrollment in the institution gives them difficulties like incomplete information that student fill up the registration form, unsecured storage of records of the students and the time they consumed in the processing of enrollment. As researchers, this needs to have a solution to overpass this kind of difficulties during enrollment period in the school.

So as a solution to the problem stated, a computerized enrollment system can decrements the problems in managing the student’s information, security of storage’s, and the time will take in processing an enrollment. The Computerized enrollment System can easily manage student’s information; minimize time consumption and can store all the records of the student in a secured storage.

Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2 : Related System

Within this chapter (Enrollment System Documentation Chapter 2), the researchers present the related literatures and systems to the proposed system, with this, the researchers will understand the past studies for them to develop a more efficient and effective system to the institution.

Information System

Information systems are used in organizations with the impartial of providing ruthless advantage. The information system used by organization can be grouped into different types such as schedule viewing system, management information system, settlement support system, executive information system, expert systems and office information system.(Computerized Enrollment System Thesis Project Chapter 2)

Information system is used in companies and schools to provide information about the school faculty and company employees. A schedule system helps and provides efficient and reliable services to the students, enrollment personnel and administration. Furthermore, this system improved the process of searching of rooms and subject schedules.

According to Graysail (2010), for the past several years, the official of the faculty senate have struggled with defining teaching loads for the purposes of determining overload situation and staffing allocations. Several ad hoc committees have looked into the matter, without commitment.

At least since school years 1992 – 1993, the Registrar has tabulated “Faculty Load” data by department, composing number of sections (or contact hours) taught full time load (as determined by the department), enrollment, and enrollment by faculty. (C.F. Niedereiter, 2007) Faculty overloading has been a known and documented problem since as long as the school years 1992 – 1993, this fact adds to the teacher’s work freight as well as their availability for fruitful interaction with the students.

Our proposed software will alleviate this burden and allow the teacher to have more time in teaching and interacting with the students. This will allow the teacher to feel more job satisfaction and giving the students the feeling of a more personalized education within the system. Open standards Appointment Scheduling System is basically designed for Institutions of Higher Education (IHE), but can easily being corporate into web solutions for a variety of business lines, (Chapter 2 Thesis Enrollment System.)

The core functionality of the system allows to designate faculty and staff to set schedule of availability and designate individuals enter the system and schedule appointments as needed of the faculty and staff. Software with automatic scheduling for teachers’ workload can be easily access by faculty members to be handy to everyone.

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