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The capstone project, “Dairy Farm Management System,” intends to develop an online platform for dairy farm management. The system is intended for farm owners and managers that want to use a single system to manage their whole farm operations. In recent years, dairy farms have been handled more than any other animal. The number of dairy cows that provide milk to society has been increasing recently, and management has found it difficult to manage this operation because it involves many transactions, such as vaccinations, feed monitoring, milk and meat sales, and cow information, and handling it manually results in a lot of cost and effort. In this method, the researcher provides a more appropriate response that is directed online to keep the work under control. The researcher came up with the notion of conducting the capstone project to address the concerns described above. The researchers will construct a project using the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) method. The researcher will test and check the app after it has been developed to confirm its functionality and seamless operation. A panel of IT specialists will review the developed application for future enhancement and improvement. The system’s target users are individuals looking for a rapid, efficient, and secure online-based dairy farm management platform.

Introduction of the Study

As we progress toward a smarter, more digital world, people are coping by responding to what technology has to offer and reaping its benefits. One of the advantages of living in a technologically advanced world is the capacity to automate transactions. People can now do chores from the convenience of their own homes or with the touch of a finger. With just a few clicks, any task or action can be done. This capstone project entitled “Dairy Farm Management System” manages a transaction that deals with Dairy farm transactions. It is an online platform that automates the record-keeping and transaction processes in the dairy farm operation. Is an agricultural database system that acts as an alternative or replacement for the conventional way of record-keeping, which is pen and paper. The system was created to enable farmers in keeping track of their data and transactions related to their dairy farm. The system will specifically assist them in the following areas: (1) cow information, (2) vaccine and feed monitoring, and (3) milk and meat sales.

Dairy farms have been handled more than any other livestock in recent years. The number of dairy cows that provide milk to society has been increasing recently, and the fact that this operation has been difficult to manage by the management because it involves a lot of transactions, such as vaccinations, feed monitoring, milk and meat sales, and cow information, and handling it manually results in a lot of cost and effort. In this way, the researcher offers a better answer that is directed online to maintain the task at hand and under control. 

Proposed solution

Dairy farm managers continue to face challenges in managing various operations, particularly in giving solutions and making decisions to accomplish the farm’s goals. The study’s researchers recommended a solution to the above-mentioned challenges in dairy farm management: the creation of a dairy farm management system. It deals with dairy farm transactions, which are tough to manage. With this right solution, they will no longer have these issues, as it eliminates all manual ways of dairy farm management. This web-based platform has the potential to address the issues of dairy farm management that have been a stumbling block for many years. It has a feature that solves and handles all task operations without requiring the management to spend time and money on them.

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives- the main goal of the project is to design and develop a Dairy Farm Management system for effective management of dairy farms just by using an alternative approach such as any type of digital tool.

The project specifically aims the following objectives:

  1. To create a system that can be used to manage dairy farm operations as a centralized system.
  2. To create a system that will store organized data for the various tasks and operations that dairy farm management entails.
  3. Through the application of this system, a dairy farm can meet the underlying standard and make a significant contribution to the overall management of the dairy farm.
  4. To develop a system that secures, effectively, and efficiently cultivates the operations and transactions undertaken by persons managing cow farms.
  5. To store cow records in a simple yet secure manner so that management could easily monitor the health of the cows.
  6. Complete the system’s development as well as the documentation according to the project’s timetable.
  7. Assess the system’s performance using the ISO 25010 software quality criterion.

Scope of the study

This implementation is primarily focused on the construction of a dairy farm management system that aids in the management of dairy farms, encompassing all tasks that dairy farm managers and administrators must complete. It is intended for dairy farm owners, managers, administrators, and other operators that want to manage their whole dairy farm operations using a single system. The system organizes data to help farmers make better decisions, control field variability, and achieve their goals. The development is aimed at end-users, to make their jobs easier in a variety of ways. It aids those records, secures and encodes all possible information on the cow’s milk and meat products, and does so effectively and efficiently. They may monitor and manage cow information as well as staff using the technology. It will successfully manage farms by installing and using a new farm management system.

Significance of the study

The following individuals or groups will benefit from the project:

Farm Manager. This system will immediately benefit them because it will allow them to run the farm more efficiently and without fuss.

Farm owners. Using the application will assist them in ensuring that their farm is profitable and sustainable.

Researchers. The study’s researchers will use their experience to guide them through the development of the project. They can improve their teamwork skills while also learning more about software development.

Future Researchers. If they want to construct the same project, they can use the study as a reference or base. Future researchers can use the project as a starting point and experiment with the extra features.

Project Highlights

The Dairy Farm Management System is a database-driven system that will automate the process of a dairy farm’s day-to-day operations. The system eases up and simplifies the operations in a dairy farm.

The advantages of the Dairy Farm Management System are the following:

1. Automated Management – the system will digitally transform management operations.

2. Records Management – it is a database system that makes the records of the dairy farm electronic, safe, reliable, and fast.

3. Report Generation – the system can provide real-time reports about the dairy farm.

How the System Works

This section of the paper will explain the forms, modules and user interface of the system. The researchers will discuss the features and functions of the Dairy Farm Management System.

Dashboard – this dashboard serves as the main page of the system administrator. The admin can manage and access the major records of the system.

The dashboard mainly display the following information:

  • Total Staff
  • Total Cow
  • Total Collected Milk
  • Total Sold Milk Monthly Sale

The image shown below is the design of the system’s Dashboard.

Add Cow Sale – this module will allow the system administrator to add cow sale.
To add, the following information will be encoded in the system:
l  Invoice Number
l  Cow Number
l  Customer Name
l  Customer Email
l  Date
l  Amount
l  Customer Contact
l  Remarks
Shown below is the design of the Add cow Sale module.

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Developing technology-based solutions will always be efficient and successful in meeting people’s demands by guiding and assisting them in making their jobs easier. The system’s results and outcomes are effective in terms of the researchers’ responses in managing dairy farms under this method. Initially, they discovered that employing manual methods made farm management difficult to manage. It keeps them putting up a full effort and costs them a lot of money in terms of manually resolving the matter. Then they devise a remedy by efficiently implementing a system that is powered by the internet for easier use and storage. Provides them with a long-term objective of designing and developing a Dairy Farm Management system for optimal dairy farm management using alternative methods such as any form of digital technologies. Its purpose was to replace and improve their manual for documenting, scheduling cow vaccinations, administering cow operations, and efficiently monitoring them, resulting in a more reliable platform to consider.


Manual dairy farm management, according to the information presented, is prone to error, outdated, time-consuming, and effortful. It puts the diary farm’s administrator or management under a lot of pressure, and the inconsistent data that will be recorded will never be erased, resulting in operational problems. As a result, it is strongly advised that the system be implemented. Because it demonstrates that the capstone project is unquestionably profitable and beneficial to the organization and its employees. It is suggested that it should be adopted already to make the operations more effective and efficient. 

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