Pharmacy Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

This Pharmacy Management System Project Source Code in C++ is a simple console application written in C++ with no graphics. The Pharmacy Management System is based on the idea of receiving prescription orders and processing payments.

There are no sign-in options in this system. It has capabilities that allow the user to create new pharmaceutical orders, delete and edit existing selection medicine orders, print payment receipts, and view a daily summary of total sale. This tiny project has only the most basic functionality.

Project Name : Pharmacy Management System
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C++ Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file

What is Pharmacy Management System project?

A computer-based project called the Pharmacy Shop Management System Project was created to manage, track, and record numerous actions of medical businesses.

Through automated processes, it is essential for increasing the productivity of medical stores. Additionally, it aids in resolving problems with manual medication management.

What is the purpose of Pharmacy Management System?

The pharmacy management system, sometimes referred to as the pharmacy information system, is a system that organizes and manages the medication usage process within pharmacies by storing data and enabling functionality.

What are the advantages of Pharmacy Management System?

Pharmacy Management System Benefits

  • Customers are satisfied since the PMS system makes sure that every transaction is accurate and completed swiftly.
  • Accessibility – Better management of pharmacy operations.
  • Reduced paperwork – By doing away with paper-based processing, data storage and retrieval are made simpler.

What are the limitations of the Pharmacy Management System?

The attitude of pharmacists, their lack of knowledge about pharmaceutical care, and resource and system-related limitations were the main barriers to the adoption of pharmaceutical care.

Other difficulties included academic and inter professional barriers like a lack of cooperation (66.6%) and a lack of role models (42.1 percent ).

The Project’s Planning

It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time before beginning any program. Although our software is simple, it nonetheless necessitates the use of various components. The user can place a new medicine order using the functionalities of the Pharmacy Management System.

The user must submit the order number, name, date, number of medicine, and medicine selection in order to do so. By entering the order number, the user can erase the most recent medicine order.

He or she must enter each and every sale record in a list view in order to change the arrangement. Payment is made from the receipt area after orders are taken. The system prompts you for a receipt number in the receipt area. The system then displays the whole receipt, which includes the medicine kind, name, quantity, and total price.

Importing Libraries

The first step is to determine which C++ libraries are required for our program to run. These will be at the beginning of the presentation.

Import a library’s header files with #include. Iostream is the first library that our software requires. We’ll use this library to manage our Pharmacy Management System in C++ basic input and output.

What is a C++ library?

A C++ library contains code that can be used in a variety of projects. A library usually contains methods and classes that deal with a generic procedure that many developers are likely to use. C++, for example, includes libraries for processing input and output, which is a common task in many programs.

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To run this Pharmacy Management System In C++ Free Download make sure that you have a Code Blocks, DEV C++ or any platform of C++ installed in your computer.

Pharmacy Management System Project in C++ Steps On How To Run The Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to run a Pharmacy Management System in C++ with Source Code.

  • Step 1: Download

    Then, download the source code given below.

    Click Download Button for Pharmacy Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 2: Extract file.

    Then, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.
    Extract file for Pharmacy Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 3: Open Code Blocks or Dev C++

    Next, After extracting the zip file, open your “Code Blocks IDE” or “Dev C++”.

  • Step 4: Open Project.

    After that, open file tab and Open File after that open folder PMS IN C++ click the “pharmacy“.

    Open file for Pharmacy Management System Project in C++ with Source Code

  • Step 5: Run Project

    Lastly, Click execute tab and select compile & run or you can use the shortcut key F11.

  • Step 6: The actual code.

    Finally, You are free to copy the given source code below or download the downloadable source code given.

This Pharmacy Management System in C++ with Source Code was build and run under DEV-C++.

  • Organizing the main() Function

Our program is started with the main() function. The main() function is used as the program’s entry point when it is executed.
We want to start the game as soon as the program starts.

	int main()	

Nothing would happen if you were to compile and run this program. At this point, it doesn’t actually do anything. The next stage is to make the code more interactive.

  • Function for the Color to change background
system("COLOR 2F");	
  • The Function to delete orders
void MedType::delete_item()	
	int i, num, count;
    cout<<"Enter the data you want to delete \n";
    node *q;
	node *temp;
	bool found;

	if(starting_point == NULL)
		cerr<<"Can not delete from an empty list.\n";
		if(starting_point->receiptNo == num)
			q = starting_point;
			starting_point = starting_point->next;
			if(starting_point == NULL)
			lasting_point = NULL;
			delete q;
			cout<<"The Reciept is Deleted Successfully"<<endl;
			found = false;
			temp = starting_point;
			q = starting_point->next;
		while((!found) && (q != NULL))
  			if(q->receiptNo != num) 
				temp = q;
				q = q-> next;
				found = true;

				temp->next = q->next;

				if(lasting_point == q) 
				lasting_point = temp;
				delete q;
				cout<<"The Reciept is Deleted Successfully"<<endl;
				cout<<"Item to be deleted is not in the list."<<endl;

Downloadable Source Code

In Summary

The project’s final feature is the ability to examine a summary of overall sales. In a list view, this part shows each and every sale record. The data is permanently stored in the system without the usage of any external files.

The Pharmacy Management System was created with the help of the C++ Programming Language and a variety of variables and strings. The source code for the Pharmacy Management System in C++ Programming is available for free download.

Please only use for educational purposes! This project creates the most user-friendly mechanism for receiving and paying for prescription medications.

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