Multiplication Table in C with Source Code

How to make a multiplication table in c programming? This Multiplication Table Project in C teaches you how to create a simple Multiplication Table using computer programs. This is a modification to the previous software that generates the multiplication table up to a specific range (where range is also a positive integer entered by the user). You will learn how to generate the multiplication table of a number entered by the user in this example.

Multiplication Table Game Code in C Language it include a free Download Source Code. Simply locate the downloadable source code below and click the “Download Now” button. To start creating a Calculator in C Language, make sure that you have a Code Blocks or any platform of C installed in your computer.

Project Name : Multiplication Table
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file
Multiplication Table in C with Source Code Overview

How to make a multiplication table in c?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step’s on how to create a Multiplication in C with Source Code.

  • Step 1: Create a new project.

    First open the code blocks IDE and click “create a new project“.
    Create a Project For Multiplication Table in C with Source Code

  • Step 2: Choose console application.

    Next, click the “console application” and after that click “next“.
    Click Console for Multiplication Table in C with Source Code

  • Step 3: Choose C language.

    Then , choose “C language” and click “next“.

  • Step 4: Name your project.

    Lastly, name the project you’ve created and click “next” after that click “finish“.

  • Step 5: The actual code.

    Finally, we will now start adding functionality to our C Framework by adding some functional codes.

This Multiplication Table Project in C was build and run under Code::Blocks IDE.

  • Function to prompt the user for a positive range, we used a do while loop. The loop iterates again if the range value is negative, asking the user to provide a positive amount. We print the multiplication table once a positive range has been entered.(Multiplication Table Project in C)
do {
    printf("Enter the range (positive integer): ");
    scanf("%d", &range);
  } while (range <= 0);

Downloadable Source Code


In C, we can also print a table using the do while loop. The post-test loop is the do-while loop. The statements of the do-while loop are executed first, then the condition is assessed, and if the condition is true, the do-while loop statements are executed once again.


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