What Does Archive Mean in Gmail?

WHAT DOES ARCHIVE MEAN IN GMAIL – In Gmail, managing emails involves strategic choices between archiving and deleting, each serving distinct purposes in organizing and streamlining your inbox.

Archiving allows you to store emails without permanent removal, providing efficient access, while deleting ensures a more decisive cleanup by erasing messages from the mailbox.

what does archive mean in gmail

What does archive mean in Gmail?

In Gmail, “Archive” means transferring an email from the primary inbox to the “All Mail” folder.

This action doesn’t erase the email but aids in streamlining your inbox by storing messages you’ve read or don’t require immediate attention. Archived emails remain accessible through search or by navigating to the “All Mail” label.

What will happen if you archive an email?

When you archive an email, it is removed from your main inbox and transferred to the “All Mail” folder in Gmail.

Archiving does not delete the email; instead, it provides a way to organize and declutter your inbox without permanently removing the message.

Archived emails can still be easily accessed through the search function or by navigating to the “All Mail” label.

How to archive emails in Gmail

  • Go to your Gmail account.
  • Choose the email you wish to archive by clicking on the left-hand checkbox.
  • On the right side, click the archive button.

How to find archived emails in Gmail on the Desktop

  • Open Gmail on your desktop.
  • On the left sidebar, click on “More” to expand the menu.
  • Select “All Mail” from the expanded menu to view your archived emails.

How to delete archived emails in Gmail?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Go to All Mail on your Gmail dashboard.

  2. Look for the archived email(s) you wish to remove by utilizing different parameters like From, To, and Date options.

  3. Proceed by scrolling down and choosing the email you intend to eliminate.

  4. On the right side of the email, click on the delete icon.

Difference between archiving and deleting emails?

Archiving preserves emails in a separate folder for future access while deleting permanently removes them from the mailbox.

Archiving helps organize and declutter, providing a way to retain important messages without cluttering the inbox.

Deleting is a more permanent action, freeing up storage space by erasing emails from the system entirely.


In conclusion, archiving in Gmail involves transferring emails to the “All Mail” folder without deletion, facilitating inbox organization and accessibility through search.

On the other hand, deleting emails is a more permanent action, freeing up storage space but removing messages entirely.

Both archiving and deleting serve distinct purposes in managing and organizing your email content.

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