51 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

GMAIL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW – Introducing Gmail’s keyboard cheat sheet: a powerful tool for navigating your inbox quickly and precisely.

By mastering these shortcuts, users can efficiently manage emails, saving valuable time and improving productivity.

gmail keyboard shortcuts

How to Activate Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail?

Step 1

  • Tap on the Settings icon located at the top-right corner, then select “See all settings.”

Step 2

  • Navigate downwards to the Keyboard shortcuts section and opt for the Keyboard shortcuts on setting.

Step 3

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the Save Changes button.

How to Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts?

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Access Gmail.

  2. Select the Settings icon.

  3. Choose “See all settings.”

  4. Scroll down to the Keyboard shortcuts section.

  5. Activate keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the radio button.

  6. Save your changes by clicking on the Save button located at the bottom of the page.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts or Cheat Sheet That You Should Know

In this section, you’ll find numerous Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts that will help you work with Gmail more effectively.

Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For Quick Navigation

Here’s the Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Quick Navigation:

Shortcut KeyFunction
Shift + CCompose
Shift + /Search
Ctrl + EnterSend
Ctrl + SSave Draft
Ctrl + \Insert Link
Shift + IInbox
Shift + USent Mail
Shift + TStarred
Shift + NNext Email
Shift + PPrevious Email

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Reading Messages in Gmail

Below is the Gmail Shortcuts Reference Guide for Reading Messages in Gmail:

Shortcut KeyFunction
Shift + IMark as read
Shift + UMark as unread
Ctrl + EnterSend message
Ctrl + SSave draft
Ctrl + Shift + CAdd cc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + BAdd bcc recipients
Ctrl + Shift + FChange font
Ctrl + .Advance to next chat conversation
Ctrl + ,Advance to previous chat conversation
Shift + TMove message to the Trash
Shift + 3Delete message permanently
Ctrl + Shift + UOpen “more actions” menu

Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For Composition

Here is the Gmail Shortcuts Reference Guide for Composing Emails:

Shortcut KeyFunction
Command + kInsert hyperlink
Command + Shift + 7Insert numbered list
Command + Shift + 8Insert bullet points
Command + b/Command + l/Command + uApply formatting
Command + Control +Remove formatting
TabSwitch between sender name, subject line, and email body
Command + EnterSend Email

Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For Formatting

Below is the Gmail Formatting Email Shortcut Reference Guide.

Shortcut KeyFunction
/Ctrl + Shift + 5Previous font
/Ctrl + Shift + 6Next font
/Ctrl + Shift + –Decrease text size
/Ctrl + Shift + +Increase text size
/Ctrl + bBold
/Ctrl + iItalics
/Ctrl + uUnderline
/Ctrl + Shift + 7Numbered list
/Ctrl + Shift + 8Bulleted list
/Ctrl + Shift + 9Quote
/Ctrl + [Indent less
/Ctrl + ]Indent more
/Ctrl + Shift + lAlign left
/Ctrl + Shift + eAlign center
/Ctrl + Shift + rAlign right
/Ctrl + \Remove formatting

Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts For Conversation Selection

Here is the Email Shortcut Reference Guide for selecting conversations in Gmail.

Shortcut KeyFunction
Shift + XSelect
Shift + IMark as read
Shift + UMark as unread
Shift + NUpdate
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + SSave draft


In conclusion, accessing keyboard shortcuts in Gmail can greatly enhance efficiency and streamline email management.

By utilizing commands like Shift + ? for shortcut assistance and Shift + 8 + u to select all unread messages, users can navigate their inbox with ease.

Furthermore, by customizing settings and saving changes, individuals can optimize their Gmail experience to suit their preferences and workflow preferences.

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