Attributeerror: ‘tqdm_notebook’ object has no attribute ‘disp’

The attributeerror: 'tqdm_notebook' object has no attribute 'disp' is an error in Python usually encountered by programmers or developers when they try to use the disp attribute of the tqdm_notebook object.

The error occurs because the disp attribute may be deprecated or removed. Or maybe due to incorrect installation of the tqdm library or a version conflict.

In this article, we will show you how to solve the Python error attributeerror: 'tqdm_notebook' object has no attribute 'disp'. So without further ado, let’s move on to our how-to-fix-this error tutorial.

How to solve “’tqdm_notebook’ object has no attribute ‘disp’” in Python

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here are some possible solutions to solve the error attributeerror: 'tqdm_notebook' object has no attribute 'disp' in Python.

  1. Upgrade your tqdm library.

    The error may be caused by a version mismatch or by incorrect installation of the tqdm library. So, try to upgrade it to its latest version.

    To upgrade the library, enter the command below in your command prompt or terminal.


    pip install --upgrade tqdm

  2. Use alternative methods.

    Aside from the disp() method, you can use alternative methods if it does not work. Here are the alternatives you can use as replacements for the disp() method:

    update() method or set_description() method

  3. Typos.

    Check the spelling of your attributes and look for typos, as they may also cause the error. Always remember to check your spelling because Python is case-sensitive.

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In conclusion, to solve the error “attributeerror: 'tqdm_notebook' object has no attribute 'disp'” in Python, you can either upgrade your tqdm library or use alternative methods.

You’ll surely solve this error in a short period of time if you follow the guide above.

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