Attributeerror: module ‘jwt’ has no attribute ‘encode’ [SOLVED]

If you are having a hard time fixing attributeerror: module ‘jwt’ has no attribute ‘encode’ error message? In this article, we’ll show you the solutions that will help you resolve this matter easily.

Continue to read on as we will walk you through the whole process of solving the module ‘jwt’ has no attribute ‘encode’ error.

What is “attributeerror: module ‘jwt’ has no attribute ‘encode'” error?

This attributeerror module jwt has no attribute encode error message that happens when you have installed JWT and PyJWT in your system.

For instance:

import jwt

encoded = jwt.encode({"some": "payload"}, "secret", algorithm="HS256")

If you are going to import JWT, it will have a conflict with PyJWT. The code above will return an error. In order to solve this error, you have to uninstall one of the modules.

The “jwt” stands for JSON Web Tokens, and it is a library used for generating, decoding, and verifying JSON Web Tokens. The “encode” method is used to generate a JWT token by encoding a JSON payload with a secret key.

Solutions for “attributeerror: module ‘jwt’ has no attribute ‘encode'” error

The following are the solutions that will solve the error.

Solution 1:

You have to uninstall both modules just to make sure no more conflicts will appear. Open your command prompt or terminal and use the following modules:

pip uninstall jwt

pip uninstall PyJWT

If you are using Python 3, use the following commands:

pip3 uninstall jwt

pip3 uninstall PyJWT

or, you can use this command:

pip uninstall JWT –yes

pip uninstall PyJWT –yes

After uninstalling both modules you just need to install the PyJWT module.

pip install PyJWT


pip3 install PyJWT

After that, it imported the correct module and generated the token!

import jwt

encoded = jwt.encode({"some": "payload"}, "secret", algorithm="HS256")

Solution 2:

You can check the attributes of the jwt module using the following code:

import jwt

The code above will show you what attributes have the jwt module. If you did not see ‘encode’, it just means that you are shadowing the third-party module with your local module.

It can be fixed by renaming the file, and then you can use now the PyJWT module. You can check the attribute again; if you see encode is on the list, it indicates the program will run perfectly.

Solution 3:

When you still get the error after doing solution 1, you can try to install the specific version of PJWT.

pip3 install pyjwt==1.5.3

Note: In order to solve issuer, ensure you don’t have a file named If yes, you have to uninstall the JWT module and install PyJWT with version 1.5.3.

Additionally, you can use the code to see if it is shadowed by a local file.

import jwt




The output shows that you got the correct module.

Solution 4:

Ensure you haven’t misspelled anything in your import statement, as that could also be the reason why the error module jwt has no attribute encode occurs.

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