Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag [SOLVED]

In this article, we are going to fix the Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag.

We will provide solutions, causes, and a brief discussion regarding the error.

Particularly, the AttributeError occurs in Python when an object’s attribute is called whose method type does not support it.

What is enum module?

The enum module in Python is used to define enumeration classes, which are a set of symbolic names (members) that represent unique, constant values.

Enumeration classes can be useful in situations where you want to limit the possible values of a variable to a specific set of options.

The enum module provides a convenient way to define and use enumeration classes in Python.

You can define an enumeration class by subclassing the Enum class from the enum module and specifying the possible members as class attributes.

You can then use the enumeration class to create instances that represent specific values.

What is module enum has no attribute intflag?

The Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag error occurs when Python can’t find the IntFlag.

Normally, this error happens when the enum34 module is installed in your system that is conflicting with the default enum class.

Additionally, when you have file in your project directory as it conflicts with the original enum module.

Therefore trying to create Enum object and run it, will get the attributerror.

AttributeError: module ‘enum’ has no attribute ‘IntFlag’

How to fix Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag

Here are the solutions of Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag you can try.

  1. Uninstall the enum34 module.

    The first solution to try in fixing the error is to uninstall the enum34 module.

    Wherein it might shadow the enum module.

    Run the following command in your terminal or command prompt.
    pip uninstall -y enum34

    enum module is not installed
    In our case, the enum34 module is not installed.

    Meanwhile, if you are using python 3, use the following command:
    pip3 uninstall -y enum34

  2. Import the module to check the error

    To check if the error is resolved try to import enum module.

    Take a look at the example below:

    import enum

    This will output the following:

    enum output

  3. Delete local file

    If the error continues, make sure that does not locate in the local file.

    The reason is it will shadow the enum module.

    Once you determine the file delete it and the problem will be solved.

    To check the file try to run the following code:
    import enum

    If you don’t have a local file that shadows the enum module, you should see something similar to the following.

    checked enum py

  4. Unset the PYTHONPATH environment variable

    If you have already done the solution above but it still didn’t work, try to unset the PYTHONPATH environment variable.

    To unset the PYTHONPATH use the following command:

    unset PYTHONPATH

    Particularly, the PYTHONPATH environment is responsible to look where the python interpreter looks for libraries.


In conclusion, the article Attributeerror: module enum has no attribute intflag provided the solutions such as uninstalling enum34, removing in the local file, and unsetting PYTHONPATH.

By following the given solution, surely you can fix the error quickly and proceed to your coding project again.

We hope that this article has provided you with the information you need to fix this error and continue working with Python.

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