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    POS Systems are known to have the capabilities of collecting more information. When conducting business, the more information that you have on your customers the better equipped you will be. POS Systems is to help in the management of your business’ inventory.   Instead of manually checking your stock to determine what you should add, the point of sale system will be able to do this for you. Through the tracking and collecting of information, the system is able to know what sells a lot and when it should be restocked. You will also get reports that will help you determine when you should adjust your pricing. It helps make the record keeping and accounting simpler. It handles so many tasks, such as manage customer, product management, details and payments.

    A point of sale (POS) System was developed for the convenience of both customers and employees to easily manage the in and out of the product. It provides a retail transaction wherein a customer makes a payment to the cashier in exchange for goods with printed receipt.

    Features of  Point of Sale source code:

    • Customer Management
    • Product Management
    • Customer Registration
    • Suppliers Management
    • Secure login
    • Sales Management
    • Sales Inventory
    • Payments (Cash Basis)
    • Product Inventory

    Download the full source code of Point of Sale System free source code.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about this personal collection system, please feel free to contact me through facebook or email.

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