Bakery Inventory Management System Using Visual Basic.Net


    Bakery Inventory Management System is a software based system that is especially designed for Aurelius Bakeshop for their inventory process. This is a user-friendly system and very easy to use. In this system the user will be able to track the daily in and out’s of products (bread, pastry, cake). It can also determine the inventory of products (bread, pastry, cake) whether its over-stock or not. Using this automated system, retrieving the reports are very efficient and gives accurate information compared to manual that took the user a long time managing the paper works.


    Features of the Bakery Inventory Management System


    1. Products 

    • Adding of Products
    • Updating of Products
    • Listing of Products


    • Stock-In Products
    • Stock-Out Products

    3. Manage Users

    • Adding Users
    • Updating Users
    • Listing Users
    • Deleting Users

    4. Reports

    5. Login and Logout


    Download and Install the following system requirements:

    • Visual Studio 2008
    • MySQL Connector net-6.4.4
    • MySQL Connector odbc-5.1.9
    • XAMPP 1.7.4-VC6


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    Download the complete sourcecode here.

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