Getting Time Interval Using C#


timeIntervalFig.3Today, I’m going to teach you how to get a time interval using C#.NET. In this project, I use the TimeSpan properties to get the time interval between two Times. I also segregate the hours, minutes, seconds, millisecond and even the tick of the clock. For the result, it will appear in each corresponding text boxes.


So let’s begin:


Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, create a new Project in C#  then add a new Windows Form Application. Do the Form just like this.


After that, go to the solution explorer and click the view code.


In the code view, create a method to segregate the time intervals into the corresponding fields.

Then, go back to the design view, double click the button and do the following codes in the method.

Finally, do this following code on the first load. This will  set the value of the end time greater than the starting time.


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