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Advance Record Navigation System Using VB.Net

Advance Record Navigation System

This Advance Record Navigation System will help the newbie programmer to lessen the burden in adding more functionality in their project especially the record navigation. This project is programmed using visual basic 2008 and the database backend is MS Access 2007. The main feature of this system is that it allows the user to move […]

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How to Create Rolling Numbers Game in VB.Net

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create simple games in VB.Net. This is called the “Rolling Numbes”. The features of these are; the numbers are randomly rolled and it has a Progress Bar that serves as a timer. Let’s begin: Open the Visual Basic, create a new Windows Form Application and do […]

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How to Organize the CRUD in VB.Net and MySQL Database

Today, I’m going to teach you how to organize MySQL Connection and CRUD by using a Module in VB.Net. The Module is one of the ways on how to organize your system, reduce the code and it will lessens your work. Lets’ begin: First, create a Database and name it “dbuser” in MySQL Database. < […]

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How to Create an AutoComplete in a TextBox in VB.Net

When searching a record from the database using a TextBox in VB.Net, commonly, it’s hard for us to search the exact record. So, In this tutorial, I created an autosuggest textbox, so that, it will be easy for you to search the correct record in the table. For instance, the word “itsourcecode”.   Let’s begin: […]

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