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Computer Laboratory Inventory System

This Computer Laboratory Inventory System is not yet complete but it can perform some of the major functions of an inventory system. The system can Manage Asset Name, Brand, Locations, Operating System, Status, Parts, and Tools found inside the Technician office or the Computer Laboratory itself. This application allows the user to set all the computer parts or peripheral inventory for every computer.

The computer technician will not difficulty in finding the location of a specific Computer system. The Computer technician also can monitor the status of computer parts in the computer system if it is installed or Not. It has also a report of all assets.


Software used:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • MySQL Database
  • Crystal report

You can login to the using the Administrator Account:

Username: admin

Password: a

You can download the computer laboratory inventory system here. KCC_Inventory System

To Setup, the system makes sure to create a Database in the PHPmyAdmin named “dbinven“. Then import the database file found inside the bin folder.

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