Typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function

Today, we will explore the solutions to fix the “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function” error message.

If this error keeps on bothering you, then keep on reading.

Apart from the solutions that we’ll show you.
We will also discuss what this error means and why it occurs.

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What is fsevents.watch?

It is a method in the fsevents package used to monitor changes in the file system.

This package is commonly used in Node.js applications that require real-time file system monitoring.

What is “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function”?

The “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function” is an error message when you are trying to call a method watch on the fsevents object.

However, that method does not exist in the fsevents package you are using.

It happens when you are using the fsevents package in a Node.js application.

It typically indicates that the function ‘watch’ from the fsevents package is not defined or not recognized as a function by the program.

Why does this error occur?

The error can occur due to various reasons, such as:

❌ Using the package on non-Mac systems.

❌ Incorrect usage of the fsevents.watch method.

❌ Version incompatibility.

❌ Incorrect installation

❌ Conflicts with other packages.

How to fix “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function”?

Here are the following solutions you can use to fix the “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function” error message.

Solution 1: Install fsevents

One of the reasons why this error occurs is that the module is not installed.
To fix this error, you can simply install the module using npm:

npm install fsevents

Solution 2: Update fsevents

Ensure that you are using the latest version of the fsevents package that watch method.

This can be done by running the following command in your terminal:

npm update fsevents

Solution 3: Use an alternative package

When updating the fsevents package do not resolve the error.

You can use chokidar as an alternative for file system monitoring.

You can simply install it using the following command:

npm install chokidar

After installing chokidar, you can modify your code to use the new package instead of fsevents:

const chokidar = require('chokidar');
const watcher = chokidar.watch('/path/to/directory');
watcher.on('change', (path) => {
  console.log(`File ${path} has been changed`);

Aside from chokidar, there are other popular alternative packages you use, such as gaze and watchpack.

Solution 4: Run npm audit fix

Execute npm audit fix –force to audit and fix possible security issues. However, take note that this command may make modifications to your dependency chain.

npm audit fix --force

Solution 5: Verify if the fsevents module is loaded correctly

Oftentimes, the error occurs because the fsevents module was not loaded properly.

To check if this is the case, you can do it by reloading the module:

delete require.cache[require.resolve('fsevents')];
const fsevents = require('fsevents');

Additional solutions for “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function”

When the above solutions do not resolve the error, you can use the following to fix the error.

1. Check your code

Ensure you are importing and using the fsevents package in your code correctly.

2. Check for conflicts

Check any conflicts between the versions of the packages you are using.
You can use npm ls to see the dependency tree and check for conflicts.

3. Check your environment

Ensure you are running your code on a macOS system, as the fsevents package is only compatible with macOS.

4. Check for global packages

Check if you have any global packages installed that might be causing conflicts.

You can use npm list -g –depth=0 to see the global packages installed on your system.

5. Update Node.js

Ensure you are using a compatible version of Node.js for instance, upgraded Node.js to v16.13.

Check the documentation of the packages you are using to see which versions of Node.js they support.

6. Reinstall dependencies

Delete package-lock.json file and node_modules folder.

Then run npm install to reinstall dependencies.


The “typeerror: fsevents.watch is not a function” is an error message when you are trying to call a method watch on the fsevents object.

This article already provides several solutions above so that you can fix the error message immediately.

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