02-Hello World


Let’s begin with your first project and that is the “Hello World” application. “Hello World” is the most popular source code that is being run and familiarized by many programmers.


Now, Let’s get started.


Launch your Visual Basic and create a new project from the File Menu.


The dialog box will open and it will look like this.


Select “Windows” under the Project Types. Then, select “Windows Form Application” under the Templates. After that, type the name of the project “HelloWorld” and hit the button “OK”.

Now, your project will look like this.


In the toolbox, select a Button and drag it in the Form. In the properties select “Text” and type “Click Me”.


Double click the Button to open the code view  as shown below.

Do this code inside the click event of the Button.


The code that you have created will look like this.


Press F5 to run your project and click the button to fire your code in the method.



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