List of IOT- Based Final Year Projects For Engineering Students 2022

Are you an Engineering student looking for IOT (Internet of Things) based projects to develop for you final year compliance for 2022? Then here’s what you need. I have here the the TOP 5 Final Year IOT-Based Projects which are best and ideal to develop for 2022. They were thoroughly made and researched to assure you that they are helpful and applicable for the current situation on every field of work.

Now that the world has faced a pandemic that affected each of us, we have formulated the ideas and projects using IOT to address these issues. These ideas formulated made use of IOT technology to help you explore your talents in the IOT field. They were not only advantage for you but also t the one’s that will use its once they were developed and ready for deployment. Because these IOT-Based Final Year Projects are not only easy to develop, but also efficient and usable for our current situation.

The IOT-Based Projects that I will be presenting to you is collected to give you ideal projects for your final year requirements. They were ongoing updated once we have formulated new ideas.


We have chosen the TOP 5 Final Year IOT Projects for Engineering Students this 2022 and provided the bonus list. The bonus list is provided for you to choose your best choice of project that suits your capabilities. These IOT-Based Final Year Projects bonus list re categorized according to their potentials and used technologies.

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TOP 5 Final Year IOT Projects for Engineering Students for 2022

Now I present to the top 5 chosen Final Year ITO Projects that will sure be applicable in big establishments and for our current situations. They could also help a lot of people nowadays.

  1. IOT Virtual Doctor Robot

    Usually, doctors are required to work in every hospital and emergency room. However, it is unrealistic to expect every doctor to be available at all times. A virtual doctor robot would allow doctors to walk around at their leisure in a faraway location.

    This idea was formulated to help doctors accommodate their patients even they’re away. They’ll also be able to provide medication to the patients with the use of this IOT virtual robot.

    It belonged to the top 5 Final Year IOT Project because of the brilliant idea.

  2. IOT Instant Contactless Covid Testing Booth Automation

    The Covid booth testing procedure is lengthy and requires numerous manual stages. In this paper, we propose a method that automates roughly 70% of the manual data entry job. Before the next person comes forward, the data recorded by the time is automatically communicated to the lab through IOT.

    Now the idea presented here provides a solution on the wide spread of the Covid virus. With the use of this project, every establishment will be able to control the spread of the unwanted virus. It will be also efficient for everyone because the device will do the job with automation. That is why it was also included in the list of top 5 Final Year IOT Projects for Engineering Students.

  3. Contactless IOT Doorbell & Security System

    IoT-based contactless doorbell and security system that recognizes visitors and alerts the homeowner. A Raspberry Pi controller, as well as a camera module and a speaker, are used. When the owner is not at home, the system also serves as a security system, alerting the owner to any robberies.

    This project would be a great help for everybody who works all day and has to leave their houses. It could also be used to monitor your home status as well as the intruder attempts.

  4. IOT Temperature Mask Scan Entry System

    To control the entire operation, the system connects a temperature sensor and a camera to a Raspberry Pi system. If the system detects a person with a high temperature or no mask, the system illuminates the red light and prevents them from entering. To stop the spread of COVID, the system provides a completely automated mechanism.

    Now it was involved in the top 5 Final Year IOT Projects this 2022 because of its potentials. Every establishments are now struggling to control the spread of virus in their offices. That’s because, when their employees were sick, their work will also be affected. But with the use of this project, they will be able to avoid from the unwanted sickness and continue to achieve their company goals.

  5. IOT Covid Patient Health Monitor in Quarantine

    The system uses a heartbeat sensor, a temperature sensor, and a blood pressure sensor to monitor the patient’s heartbeat, temperature, and blood pressure. By connecting to a wifi internet connection, this data is transmitted over the internet through wireless transmission. An alarm is delivered remotely if any irregularity in the patient’s health is detected or if the patient touches the emergency help button on the IOT device.

    This is one of the projects chosen to be a final year IOT project because it is very applicable on our current situation. We know that everyone is now facing a massive problem in travelling and even for working. And to accommodate al of these problems, we will be needing a lot of people to do the work.

    But with the use of the IOT based project to develop for you final year compliance, handling quarantine would be much easier for every quarantine facilities.

Now if you don’t like the chosen top 5 IOT Final Year Projects as an Engineering Student this 202, you could still look for another on the bonus list provided below.

Bonus List of IOT-Based Final Year Projects For Engineering Students for 2022

IOT-Based Final Year Projects For Engineering Students for 2022

Here are the list of Final Year IOT-Based Projects that are applicable for all Engineering Students this 2022. Each of the project Listed are very ideal and applicable for your field. And the ideas applied were thoroughly formulated and assured.

• Build a Cloud-based temperature Monitoring system IOT using Spartan3an Starter Kit
• IOT Fault Diagnosis and small wind turbine monitoring
• IOT Fire Detection System
• Health Monitoring System using IoT
• IoT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System
• IoT based forest fire Alarm System
• IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System
• IoT Based Liquid Level Monitoring System
• IoT Based Smart Grid System
• IoT Based Smart Mirror
• IoT Based Smart Street Light
• IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City
• IoT Connected Healthcare Applications
• IoT Family Monitoring Robot Based on Raspberry Pi
• IoT Smart Home automation using Node MCU
• IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi
• Led Blinking Project with IOT
• IOT Led Light Lamp
• IOT Motor Speed Control
• Server Room Temperature Monitoring System
• Smart Doorbell system using IoT
• Smart Irrigation System Using IoT
• Smart Irrigation using Raspberry PI
• Smart Parking System using IoT
• IOT Soil Moisture Detection
• Surveillance Camera using IoT
• Weather Reporting System using IoT

IOT-Based Final Year Projects using Raspberry Pi and RFID For Engineering Students

Now here’s another bonus list of IOT-Based projects using Rasp Pi and RFID. Most of these projects are in form of a device or applicable for mobile.

  • Control Home appliance by Telegram app using Raspberry Pi
  • Data logger of Brain parameters in Google sheets using Mindwave mobile with Raspberry Pi
  • Industry Monitoring with data logger in Google sheet using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Based Baby Monitoring System Using RaspberryPi
  • IoT based smart E-mirror Using OpenCV with Raspberry-Pi
  • IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID
  • IoT based Smart Umbrella System using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Based Transmission Line Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT based Water Management System using Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Family Monitoring Robot Based on Raspberry Pi
  • IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi
  • MQTT based Monitoring System for Coal Mine using Raspberry Pi
  • MQTT based Smart Waste Collection Management using Raspberry Pi
  • MQTT Home automation using Raspberry pi
  • Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System using NFC and IoT
  • Smart Irrigation using Raspberry PI

IOT-Based Final Year Projects using Arduino and FPGA For Engineering Students

Now if you are talented in Arduino or you are excellent in FPGA programming an application, then this list is for you. You’ll be able to choose your wanted project in this list and make your IOT-Based Project a successful one.

  • IoT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino Uno
  • IoT Based Smart Irrigation System using FPGA
  • IoT based Gas Leakage Monitoring system using FPGA
  • IoT Based Fire Detection System Using FPGA
  • Cloud based Smart Energy meter using FPGA
  • IoT Based Water Level Monitoring System using FPGA
  • IoT based Water Quality Management system using Arduino
  • IoT based weather station using FPGA

By the way we will continue to update the list of final year Iot projects using Raspberry Pi and other technologies for 2022 above so you can find more project ideas that can be used in the future.

Aside from this list of best final year IoT projects for student and engineers 2022, I will also give you a list of final year iot projects for students and engineers with source code.

Again we will try to upload soon along with this IOT projects ideas we will include the iot projects with source code using arduino or Raspberry pi.

We have also final year projects for computer science Engineering with source code

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You can also have some articles might help you doing your document to support your IoT project topics for final years :


Finally, the list of final year IoT projects for CSE and ECE students and engineers study includes programmingdesignanalysis, and theory

Engineering also comes to involve coming up with and development of different application-based code.

In addition, these final year IoT projects for CSE and ECE list will be enforced by a variety of tools like Java, VB.NET ApplicationDatabases, Oracle, and the likes.

Note: If you have any questions or suggestions about the list of the best final year iot projects for cse and ece student and engineers, then please feel free to contact us at our contact page or leaving a comment below. Also, if you have ideas related to this topic please let us know.

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