Clear Text Field Element in Java


This tutorial entitled Clear Text Field Element using Java will help you on how to clear a text field element in java. This feature is used in most applications that that holds Text.

When you are working on save, update, and delete function in your program, this feature is very helpful to you. After saving, updating, or deleting data, the entire text field element in your Java program will clear.

Clear Text Field Element using Java Steps

  1. Create a new method inside your class and named it what you want.

2. Insert the following codes below inside your new created method.

  1. jTextField1.setText("");
  2. jTextField2.setText("");
  3. jTextField3.setText("");
  4. jTextField4.setText("");
  5. jTextField5.setText("");

3. Accesses the method functionality by copying the method name and insert it into your save, update, and delete, functions. You can also call this method from other methods either external or internal.

  1. clear_fields();

4. Run your program and try to execute if the entire text fields are cleared.

5. Full source code

  1. public void clear_fields(){
  2. jTextField1.setText("");
  3. jTextField2.setText("");
  4. jTextField3.setText("");
  5. jTextField4.setText("");
  6. jTextField5.setText("");
  7. }

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