Add/Remove Rows and validating each cells in DataGridView Control


Dynamic DataGridView Control

This project is an advanced VB.Net (2010) code but it is a base implementation in every project. Intended for input data in “One to Many” relationship, such as in sales products etc., by writing all Run Time code. Because of the flexibility to control the program for work as we want. This will make users feel to “Friendly used”.

It consists of locking the keyboard in each cell of the DataGridView. In case of an integer, it can only be numbered from 0 to 9. In case of a double value, it will be from 0 to 9 and the dot (.), but can only be pressed once. Also, I’ve added a way to add and remove rows from a DataGridView. For each of you to study and apply together comfortably.

This is open source code under @CopyLeft by Thongkorn Tubtimkrob. You can feel free to modify and/or distribute without to inform the developer.


I hope this sample application will help you.
Thank You.
Thongkorn Tubtimkrob

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