Magbanua’s Beach Resort Online Reservation System


    magbanuaPIMagbanua’s Beach Resort Online Reservation System is a convenient way for people who would love to reserve a room according to their desire. This system can be access anytime and anywhere all you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer. This system is also ideal on making last minute bookings.

    These are the list of features:


    • Admin

    1. Rooms (adding, Upadating, Listing)

    2. Type of Rooms (adding, Upadating, Listing)

    3. Reservation (Confirming, Cancellation, Guest Reserve Rooms)

    4. Reports (Inventory, Statistic)

    5. Manage User

      (adding, Upadating, Listing)

    • Public

    1. Vew Rooms

    2. Reservation of Rooms

    3. Book a Room
    • Login and logout


    Username:[email protected]



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    Email – [email protected]
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    Download Sourcecode

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