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Automated Class Record System

This is a simple system designed for teachers/Instructors who find difficult Creating a Class records, Monitoring student performance, this project also can answer the problem in terms of delay during the submission of grades as teacher’s compliance and for CHED’s Monitoring. Software Used: Visual Basic 2008 Microsoft Access Features of the said system: Organization of […]

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Welcome to Visual Basic tutorial for beginners. This section will help you learn how to code with Visual Basic the easiest way. Others may say that Visual Basic is not a good programming language, but their ideas are wrong because with Visual Basic, you can  build Windows applications, web applications and Windows phone applications. And on the […]

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Saving Data from Registration Form into MySQL Database using PHP/MySQL

Today, im going to show to show you how to Save Data from Registration Form into MYSQL Database using PHP/MySQL. This tutorial is a continuation of our last topic called “How to Create a Registration Page Using a Twitter Bootstrap Framework”. But first, we need to create a new database called “studentdb”. And here’s the […]

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15 – PHP File Handling: Moving the File Pointer

If you have remembered in one of our lesson the writing of the file, we talked about the idea of the file pointer or its like a cursor in a word processor. So in file handling we have the ability to move the pointer around the file to write in different places within the file. […]

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10 – PHP File Handling: Examining File Details

In this tutrial, I’m going to show how to get information about the file details. To start in this lesson lets create a new PHP file called “file_detail.php”. And add the following code: < View plain text > php <?php $testfile = ‘hello.txt’; echo filesize($testfile); // this will echo in byte //this next line are […]

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13 – PHP File Handling: Delete File

In our previous tutorial, we have seen how to write the file and read the file, and we also know how to open a file in an assortment of different ways. At this time we’re going to focus on how to destroy (delete) files. Deleting is too simple but we need to keep two things […]

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11 – PHP File Handling: Writing to Files

In our last tutorial, we discussed on how access file using PHP. At this we’re going to focus on how write into a file. Since we know how to access files, writing into a file is really simple. To start on lesson lets create a new PHP file called “writefile.php”.  Then add the following code: […]

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12 – PHP File Handling: Reading File

In this tutorial I’m going to show how to read back information from files. So before we can read information from a file we need to use a function fopen just to open the file for reading. In this lesson, we’re going to use the “hello.txt” file that we created in the writing of file lesson. […]

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14 – PHP File Handling: File Append

In our previous tutorial we have learned how to open, close, read and write to a file. However, the ways which we wrote to a file so far have caused data that was stored in the file to be deleted. So in this lesson we’re going to deal on how to append to a file […]

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09 – PHP-Accessing File

In this tutorial, we’re going to access file in PHP. And primarily we’re going to focus on this lesson in dealing with  fopen (filename, mode) so we’re going to open a file and we’re to provide a filename and we’re going to tell it what mode is should open it. And remember using “fopen” opens up […]

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