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24-HTML Checkbox

Checkboxes are used by users who like to select multiple option just like an example of a “check all” question.     Example: <p>Please select the sport/s that you have played.</p> Table Tennis: <input type=”checkbox” name=”sport” value=”table tennis” /><br /> Tennis: <input type=”checkbox” name=”sport” value=”tennis” /><br /> Volleyball: <input type=”checkbox” name=”sport” value=”volleyball” /><br /> Baseball: <input […]

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23-HTML Submit

In HTML, Submit button is used to send data from the form to the back-end process.  Back-end process deals with data processing and databases components.   Submit button used <input> tag and the type attribute was set to  “submit” in order to put it on a web page.   Example: <input type=”submit” value=”Submit” /> <input type=”submit” value=”Send” /> <input type=”submit” value=”Save” />   […]

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22-HTML Reset

Reset button is used to clear all the value in the fields on the web form and return to its default appearance.     Reset button use <input> tag and the type attribute was set to  “reset” to incorporate it into a web form.     Example: <input type=”reset” value=”Reset” /> <input type=”reset” value=”Refresh” /> <input type=”reset” value=”Clear” />   […]

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21-HTML Password

HTML password fields are designed to disguise each character with bullets instead of displaying the entered characters . It provides security to the user on-screen while he or she is entering a password.     Password fields used <input> tag and the type attribute was set to “password”.     Example Password: <input type=”password” title=”Please Enter Your […]

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20-HTML Text Fields

Text fields present a small rectangular box that’s set to receive user’s information. When the users click these fields, the cursor will change from the arrow to a pipe character [ | ] allowing users type inside each input field.   A text field used <input> tag and the type attribute was set to “text”.   Example: <form name=”myForm” action=”process.php” […]

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17-HTML Background

HTML background  attribute is used to specify a background image for a document. Usually, when we think of an HTML background,it only have two options: either a background image or a solid background color. Both the background image and color follow the size they are contained in.   Example: <html> <body> <table height=”225″ width=”300″ background=”×293.png” cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″> […]

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19-HTML Inputs

HTML input elements are form elements like checkboxes, text fields and buttons. This <input> tag is a markup that recognize the web form components.   It also depends on few attributes to classify and name every form item that provides the web developer to manipulate each element individually.   The type attribute identifies what kind of input element to display on the screen. These are the […]

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18-HTML Forms

HTML web forms are composed of  checkboxes, buttons and text input fields that are placed inside of HTML documents to collect user input. For instance, if the web forms have fields such as names, phone number, and email addresses, it give the users an opportunity to communicate directly with a web page.   Syntax:   <form> form elements…….. </form>   Example:   <form […]

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16-HTML Color Chart

Below are the list of hexadecimal color values:     #000000 #000033 #000066 #000099 #0000CC #0000FF #003300 #003333 #003366 #003399 #0033CC #0033FF #006600 #006633 #006666 #006699 #0066CC #0066FF #009900 #009933 #009966 #009999 #0099CC #0099FF #00CC00 #00CC33 #00CC66 #00CC99 #00CCCC #00CCFF #00FF00 #00FF33 #00FF66 #00FF99 #00FFCC #00FFFF #330000 #330033 #330066 #330099 #3300CC #3300FF #333300 #333333 #333366 […]

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15-HTML Colors

HTML coloring systems are composed of numeric and hexadecimal values. Here are 16 generic color values that you can use in setting a background of your HTML document.   Example of string codes:   Black Gray Silver White Yellow Lime Aqua Fuchsia Red Green Blue Purple Maroon Olive Navy Teal   Example of numeric [rgb] values   […]

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