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Category: HTML

HTML elements

HTML elements are always enclosed in opening and closing tags. Example: For heading: < View plain text > HTML <h1> Heading</h1> It is imperative to use the closing tag.However ,there are some HTML elements that don’t need a closing tag such as <img…/>, <hr /> and <br />.These are known as void elements.   Nested […]

How to use HTML Form Elements

There are several important Form elements which provide extra feature and helps in enhancing the net output. <SELECT> element This tag defines a drop down list. Example: < View plain text > HTML <form action="r.php"><select name="bikes"> <option value="honda">honda</option> <option value="BMW">BMW</option> <option value="Bajaj">Bajaj</option> </select>   <input type="submit" />   </form> Pre-selecting an option so that it […]

How to use CSS Links

A person can style the links using CSS. Links can be designed depending on their states:  a: link– normal, unvisited link by the user  a: visited– link by the user  a: hover– a link which changes it color when the user takes the mouse over it. a: active– a link which shows its color when […]

37-HTML Frames

Frames allow the users to display multiple pages inside the browser window at a time. Typically, frames have menu in one frame, and content in another frame. For instance, when you click a link on the menu, that link will be then displayed in the content page.   Example:   <html> <body> <frameset cols=”40%,*”> <frame src=”menus.html”> <frame src=”contents.html”> </frameset> […]

39-HTML Scripts

In general, HTML use two popular scripting languages to create animated web pages. VBScript and JavaScript are very useful scripting languages but it’s more complicated compared to HTML. However,  you can use these to construct dynamic web pages, creating rollover images, or validating data on your HTML forms before being submitted.   Example: <script type=”text/javascript”> <!–script ***Start coding  here*** –> </script>   Another […]

38-HTML Entities

In HTML, “entity” is a term for symbols such as trademark, copyright,  or foreign cash that exist on the standard keyboard.  On the other hand, to display these characters, you will be using different methods.   There are three parts for every entity, each begins with an ampersand  & , then the entities name copy and finally a semicolon  ; […]

36-HTML Layouts

HTML layout is very simple. No more existing options only the body tag alone. On the other hand, Tables are the main source of HTML layouts that any elements can be placed inside of it, including tables themselves. Example: <table id=”wrap” bgcolor=”gray” border=”1″ height=”100″ width=”350″> <tr> <td> <table id=”pagewrap” bgcolor=”white” height=”50″ width=”350″> <tr> <td>Table inside a table….</td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> Another example: <table […]

35-HTML Div

The <div> tag is a container unit that stores other page elements and divides the HTML document into parts. Webmasters use <div> elements to put together HTML elements and apply CSS styles to all elements at once.   For instance, when you place a set of paragraph elements into a <div> element, you can use CSS styles and apply it to all paragraphs at once. […]

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