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Managing Users Role Using Document Tracker in Visual Basic Program

This is a simple program in visual basic which will enable you to manage users role. There are different type of users and each of them plays a great part in software development. In this program, there are 5 different types of user, Department Administrator, Department Officer, Accounting, Budget and the Program Administrator.

These are the following users role and their respective job:

Department Officer – responsible for creating purchase request only to any department.

username : jason   password : j   department :   General Services

Department Administrator – responsible for providing purchase ID request for the said document.

username : zhak   password : z   department :   Planning

Budget – responsible for providing budget ID request for the said document.

username : erick   password : e   department :   Planning

Accounting – responsible for releasing purchases as requested.

username : art   password : a   department :   Planning

Program Administrator – responsible for overall monitoring and tracking of all purchase request document. The user is also responsible for setting up all the users and department set ups.

Please see attach Program and Mysql database for the program database. In my next post I will be posting the process for the Department Officer responsibility.


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