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Category: MySQL

Sales Inventory System for RV Empire

sales inventory system

The sales inventory system consists of registering customer’s information to be needed in their transactions so that the company can monitor the customer, provides the recording of the obtained and acquired products in the database so that it can be easily searched by the staff, but most of all the importance of the proposed system […]

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Selecting MySQL Database from the Command Prompt

There be a situation when there are different databases present and you have to select one of them to work on. So after MySql connection you can do the following things: Selecting MySQL Database from Command Prompt: This is very simple to select a particular database from mysql> prompt. You can use SQL command use to select […]

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Drop Database using MySqladmin:

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary. It’s very important to understand that If you drop a database, that means to delete any database then all the data in it will be deleted forever.So always think twice before dropping a database. Here is an example to delete a database created in the previous chapter: [root@host]# […]

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Create Database using MySqladmin

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary.Either it is a local server made by using Xamp or Online servers.This way you can have a database ready. Example: A simple example to Show you as how to  create database named as “Database tutorials”: [root@host]# mysqladmin -u root -p create Database tutorials Enter password:***** The above-given code will […]

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Student Transcript Processing System

Hello, guys I just want to share with you this system called Student Transcript processing system created 5 years ago using simple PHP and MySQL. This system can be modified easily and I hope this will help you improve your skills in programming using PHP language.     Here the following Features: Student Side:: Viewing of […]

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Student Information System

This student Information System is a highly organized system where you can update the information of a student. Thus, you can also add a new student, send feedbacks and comments. Also, the system enables to organize the list of students through table style. [bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’] Features: Add, Update, Delete Student Information Comment and […]

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Shoe Fairies Inventory System

    Shoe fairies Inventory System includes logging in/log out. The system can also register the new user. It has a home page. It can add, edit, update and delete inventory records. Log in using this account: Username: admin Password:  admin In order to run the system, you must create the database named “dbpdo and […]

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Computer Laboratory Inventory System

computer laboratory inventory system

This Computer Laboratory Inventory System is not yet complete but it can perform some of the major functions of an inventory system. The system can Manage Asset Name, Brand, Locations, Operating System, Status, Parts, and Tools found inside the Technician office or the Computer Laboratory itself. This application allows the user to set all the computer […]

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Facebook Like Social Networking Sites Project Using PHP/MySQL

facebook like social networking sites

This is simple facebook like social networking sites project created using PHP/MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap and my model creating this project is facebook because I was inspired by the designed and unique functionality. Due to my busy schedule, I was not able to complete this project and I am still looking for the best time […]

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