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Category: MySQL

Drop Database using MySqladmin:

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary. It’s very important to understand that If you drop a database, that means to delete any database then all the data in it will be deleted forever.So always think twice before dropping a database. Here is an example to delete a database created in the previous chapter: [root@host]# […]

Create Database using MySqladmin

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary.Either it is a local server made by using Xamp or Online servers.This way you can have a database ready. Example: A simple example to Show you as how to  create database named as “Database tutorials”: [root@host]# mysqladmin -u root -p create Database tutorials Enter password:***** The above-given code will […]

Student Information System

This student Information System is a highly organized system where you can update the information of a student. Thus, you can also add a new student, send feedbacks and comments. Also, the system enables to organize the list of students through table style. [bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’] Features: Add, Update, Delete Student Information Comment and […]

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