Face Recognition Code In Python Using OpenCV with Source Code | Step by Step Process Tutorial 2021
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Face Recognition Code In Python Using OpenCV with Source Code | Easy 3 Steps Process Tutorial | Face Detection in Python Free Download 2021

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0:00 - Intro
0:17 - Step 1: Installation & Dependencies
1:41 - Step 2: Tutorial
3:26 - Step 3: Demonstration
3:54 - Bonus Demo: Face Recognition thru Video.
4:28 - Bonus Demo: Testing
4:58 - Outro

The Face Recognition Code In Python Using OpenCV was developed using Python Programming, this Face Detection In Python using Haar cascades is a machine learning based approach where a cascade function is trained with a set of input data. OpenCV already contains many pre-trained classifiers for face, eyes, smiles, etc.. Today we will be using the face classifier. You can experiment with other classifiers as well.

A Face Detection Algorithm Python can detect faces of people in an images, faces contains a list of coordinates for the rectangular regions where faces were found. We use these coordinates to draw the rectangles in our image. And also the Face Detection Using Python Project can detect also real time faces in a camera on your laptop or pc.

Similarly, the Face Detection In Python Using Opencv can detect faces in videos. As you know videos are basically made up of frames, which are still images. So we perform the face detection for each frame in a video.

The only difference here is that we use an infinite loop to loop through each frame in the video. We use to read each frame. The first value returned is a flag that indicates if the frame was read correctly or not. We don’t need it. The second value returned is the still frame on which we will be performing the detection.

In this Code For Face Detection In Python also includes a Face Recognition Project In Python With Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

By the way if you are new to python programming and you don’t know what would be the the Python IDE to use, I have here a list of Best Python IDE for Windows, Linux, Mac OS that will suit for you. I also have here How to Download and Install Latest Version of Python on Windows.

To start creating a Face Recognition Code In Python Using Opencv, make sure that you have installed Python in your computer.

Face Recognition Code In Python Using OpenCV : Prerequisites
Before starting with this Python project with source code, you should be familiar with the computer vision library of Python that is OpenCV and Numpy.

OpenCV and Numpy are the Python packages that are necessary for this project in Python. To install them, simply run this pip command in your terminal:

pip install opencv-python numpy

Facial detection is a powerful and common use-case of Machine Learning. It can be used to automatize manual tasks such as school attendance and law enforcement. In the other hand, it can be used for biometric authorization.

OpenCV uses machine learning algorithms to search for faces within a picture. Because faces are so complicated, there isn’t one simple test that will tell you if it found a face or not. Instead, there are thousands of small patterns and features that must be matched. The algorithms break the task of identifying the face into thousands of smaller, bite-sized tasks, each of which is easy to solve.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Face Recognition Code In Python Using OpenCV With Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.
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