32- Auto Typer


This Visual Basic tutorial is all about Auto Typer.
Auto Typers are very common in the web and there are instances that some people charge money for them.


Today, I will teach you how to make an Auto Typer. With this, you can create a customized Auto Typer that you can share  with your friends.

This tutorial will cover how to Send Keys.


Let’s begin:

  • Open the Visual Basic, select “File” on the menu, hit new and create a new project.
  • The New Project dialog will appear.
    Select “windows” in the project types, hit the “windows form application” in the templates and hit “ok“.
  • Add two buttons, a timer and a textbox and the form will look like this.


  • Add the following code in the code editor.


  • This will be the output when you run the program.



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