05- PHP echo


This tutorial is all about PHP echo.
The echo command in PHP is used to output the text in the web browser. And echo is not a function, but it is a language construct. Meaning you don’t need to use a parenthesis with it.

How to output a String?
In retrieving a string output in PHP, we use echo. We place a string variable or we can use quotes, like what we are going to do in this example.
The code below we output a “Hello everyone!”. And the text output is being sent to the user in a form of a web page and it is very important to use a proper HTML syntax.
In the second echo, we simply put the <h3> tag at the beginning and closed it at the end of the string. Because we are using PHP to make web pages.



Hello everyone!
PHP programming is fun!

Echoing Variables

In echoing variables using PHP is very easy because there are no quotations are required even if the variable does not hold a string.


I am Christian Ignacio am 21 Years old


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