Attendance Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download) 2022
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Attendance Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download) 2022
You can create a genuine project with this Attendance Management System Node JS and MySQL Database. The following Node JS MySQL project includes all of the abilities that IT students in their last year of school will need for their projects. It contains key features that will enable all users to engage in the same manner as attendance systems connect with students in order to keep track of their attendance. Anyone who takes the time to look may see the primary components of this system, as well as the web application. It was well-executed and closely resembled real-life scenarios. This part contains the source code files for a free Attendance Management system project written in Node.js and MySQL. Click “Download” at the bottom of this page to obtain it.

Moving on, this Node JS attendance system project is primarily concerned with dealing with students’ attendance and records. In addition, the system shows all accessible data, such as instructor and student information, as well as their individual attendance. Admin Panel, Student Panel, and Teacher’s Panel are the three sections of the project. In this web app’s overview, the administrator has the ability to create users as well as input student and teacher data. In terms of the project, the administrator has access to all student and instructor records. The teacher’s account allows him or her to filter student data and keep track of his or her attendance for a certain topic. Aside from that, the student has access to just records and attendance reports.

Finally, when utilizing this basic attendance system project in Node JS, a clean and simple dashboard is given with simple color choices for a better user experience. Bootstrap, a free open-source CSS framework, is used for the UI components. Presenting a new Node JS MySQL attendance management system project that comprises an admin panel with student and instructor panels that have all of the necessary features for follow-up, as well as a knowledgeable resource for learning purposes.

Features Available Node JS Attendance Management System
• Students Module
• Teachers Module
• Admin Module
• Subjects Module
• Marks Module
• Attendance Module

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  - Read the description carefully.
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  - It is always itsourcecode or
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  - Watch the video I am showing you the account credentials.
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