Leave Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download)
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Leave Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download)
A fully working project based on the Leave Management System Node JS with MongoDB Database and written in the Node JS programming language. The following Node JS MongoDB project has all of the features that final-year IT students will need for their college projects. It has a number of capabilities that enable users to manage employee leave requests through the internet. This system’s premise, as well as the online application, is self-evident. It has been well-implemented and is analogous to real-life events. To receive a free Leave Management system project in Node JS MongoDB with source code files, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the Download button.

This project is an interactive leave application portal which includes Student login, HOD login and Warden Login. Student can apply leaves and view their leave status. HOD can either accept or reject the leave for student studying in his/her department. Warden can either accept or reject the leave for student living in his/her hostel.

This Online Employee Leave Management System in Node JS MongoDB project is primarily concerned with keeping track of workers’ leave activities. To be more specific, the system aids in the tracking of personnel, departments, and leave records according to available categories. In addition, the system shows all of the workers’ leave histories. In addition, the system provides for the management of leave kinds and other features. Obviously, this project has an admin panel as well as an employee panel. An employee has a modest position and power over the system in this web application’s overview. He or she may ask for leave and keep track of their own absences. In order to request for leave days, an employee must state specific things. Such is the sort of leave, the conditions, and the start and end dates. Aside from that, an employee may change their password and edit their profile.

Feature Available Leave Management System using Node JS and MongoDB
Student Panel
HOD Panel
Warden Panel
Apply for Leave
History of Leave
Manage Profile

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