College Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download)
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College Management System Project in Node JS with Source Code (Free Download)
You can use this College Management System Node JS with MySQL Database to run a real project. The Node JS MySQL project that follows has all of the skills that IT students who are in their last year of school will need for their projects. I like how it has a lot of features that make it easier to run a college. The main parts of this system, as well as the online application, are clear to anyone who looks. It was very well done and very similar to real-life situations. In this section, you’ll find a free College Management system project in Node.js and MySQL with source code files. To get it, scroll down this page and click “Download.”

What is College Management System in Node JS?
If you want to keep track of some information about a certain College School, you can use the College Management System. It’s a Node JS and MySQL project. There are three types of roles in this system: the Admin, the Staff, and the People who use it. It’s the person in charge of keeping and managing the data in the system. Users can see some information and join the forum. The Admin User is the person in charge of that job. The system was made for a specific school, but it’s easy to change for your own growth.

Modules College Management System using Node JS Framework
• Students Module
• Teachers Module
• Faculties Module
• Subjects Module
• Marks Module
• Attendance Module
• Courses Module
• Classes Module
• Department Module

A web application that can be used to manage enrollment, students, faculty, attendance, fees, scheduling, assignments, and grades for a specific college. It has a backend made of Node.js and a database made of MySQL.

There is a goal for this application: to make the manual system more efficient by using computerized equipment and full-fledged computer software. This way, their valuable data and information can be stored for a long time with easy retrieval and manipulation. The necessary software and hardware are easy to find and work with.

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