Laravel Learning Management System Project with Source Code (Free Download)
38 views · Jul 12, 2022
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Laravel Learning Management System Project with Source Code (Free Download)
Laravel Learning Management System Project with Source Code
A completely functional project built on the Laravel Learning Management System and the PHP programming language. The PHP project below has crucial elements that first- and second-year IT students can use for their college assignments. It offers a variety of useful features that enable all users to engage with one another. It also makes it easier to create instructional content by allowing you to manage courses and learning modules. This system, as well as the web application, has a clear concept that is similar to real-life scenarios and is well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button to get a free Learning management system project in Laravel PHP MySQL with source code files.

Available Features: Learning Management System in Laravel Github
High-Tech Education Learning
Login via social media
Responsive Design is a type of design that adapts to the size of
Course Administration
Payment Gateway
Search Engine Optimized
Upload videos
Instructor Credits
Instructor Module
Admin Module
Page Management
Blog Management
Secure website

Laravel prioritizes the end-user, which means it prioritizes simplicity, clarity, and getting things done. It’s being used by individuals and businesses to create everything from modest hobby projects to Fortune 500 organizations. PHP-Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that uses the model view controller (MVC) architectural paradigm to build full-featured online applications. Laravel was built by Taylor Otwell. Laravel is a PHP framework that makes it simple to create professional web applications by adhering to strict code guidelines and architectural patterns. This short course walks you through the fundamentals of the Laravel framework.

Anyway, if you want to level up your programming knowledge, especially Laravel PHP, try this new article I’ve made for you Awesome Laravel Projects With Source Code Free Download 2022.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Laravel Learning Management System Project with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

?Download the complete source code here:

PS. If you're having problems downloading you can right-click the download now button and paste it to another tab to download. That's the other technique to download the file.
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