Justine’s Guest House Hotel Management System


Hotel ManagementThis Justine’s Guest House Hotel Management System is an easy to use hotel management software that simplifies and can optimize hotel operations. This system would definitely help the hotel owner and hotel managing director control and manage all things according to the way it should be. It contain functions such as guest booking, guest details, reservations and many more.


These functions are difficult when done manually. But, with this system, everything can be done smoothly. And with the growing competition in the Industry, this system is your ideal solution.

Watch here and get an idea of what are really the features and functions of a Hotel Management system used in the hotel industry.

These are the following features:


  • Rooms

  1. Adding New Room
  2. Updating Room Details
  3. List of Rooms


  • Trasaction

  1. Reservation
  2. Check-in
  3. Payments
  4. Check-out


  • Guest

  1. Guest List
  2. Guest Rooms


  • Maintenance

  1. Room Type
  2. Add-Ons


  • Manage User

  1. Adding New User
  2. Updating User Details
  3. List of User


  • Reports

  1. Daily Report
  2. Weekly Report
  3. Monthly Report
  4. Date Filter


Username : admin

Password: admin


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